Wednesday, 31 May 2017

End of the School Year

Eden has finished her first year of Spanish Immersion!  Today her school had a little graduation ceremony for the kindergartners and each received a medal.  She's done a great job, going from a little girl who insisted, after the first week of school, "Spanish just isn't for me, Mama!" to one who translated what her teacher said for me this morning.  Wow.

This is the card Eden made for her teacher.  She did it entirely by herself without any help from me or Nathan.  It says, "Eden H.  Grasias a todo de mis profesoras.  Grasias por un bueno amiga y un bueno profesora."
Z took a standardized test a few weeks ago and we just received an email from the principal last week that he scored "Advanced" on the math portion of the test!  That qualified him to take another test today.  If he passes this test he'll be invited into a special math class next year where he'll do 5th and 6th grade math instead of just 5th.  Whatever score he gets on today's test, we are so proud of him!
And, in other accomplishments . . .

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