Thursday, 22 June 2017

Black Hills

We spent last week in the Black Hills with Jeremy and Ann and their kiddos and had a great time.

Day 1:  We went to Deadwood to tour an old gold mine and to pan for some gold!  On the way Nathan and I noticed a little store in what looked like an old gas station called Chubby Chipmunk's Chocolate.  We had just seen this store featured on South Dakota Life (a show on SD public television), so we pulled over.  The show bragged that this was the best chocolate anywhere!  We were suspicious of such a claim, but no more!  Wow, it is fantastic chocolate.  And if you get there after store hours, they have a vending machine full of truffles called the Chub-o-Matic.  From there we went on the mine.  Eden finally got to pan for gold and was thrilled with her findings.  After panning for gold we walked around Deadwood a bit, and Eden used some of her birthday money to buy a very pretty ring.

Day 2:  We drove to Spearfish Canyon and hiked to Spearfish Falls and Roughlock Falls.  Both are beautiful, and at Roughlock we had lots of fun getting into the water!

Day 3:  We drove to Hill City and took the 1880s train to Keystone.  From Keystone we planned to get a shuttle up to Mt. Rushmore, spend a few hours there, and then take the train back to Hill City.  However, after a very pleasant hour on the train, we discovered that there is no public transportation for the two miles from Keystone to Mt. Rushmore.  Argh!  Mt. Rushmore was the one thing the Oregon Hitchcocks said they wanted to do!  Finally we called a taxi from Hill City which agreed to come get us, take us to Mt. Rushmore, wait an hour, and then bring us back down to Keystone.  Ridiculous, but at least we saw the presidents!

Eden was super excited to be at Mt. Rushmore.

This is the family standing under the South Dakota flag.

Hiking under a watchful eye.
Day 4:  Nathan and Jeremy went for a hike so I took the kids on a walk.  We had a good time at a pretty little creek, and the kids showed off all their moves for me.

Day 5:  The Oregon Hitchcocks headed home, and the South Dakota Hitchcocks made another trip to Chubby Chipmunk!  We also took a nice little hike along part of the Mickelson Trail.

The kids toasting their truffles.

Eden and I found beautiful flowers.

Day 6:  We headed home.  On the way we stopped at an old homestead just outside of the Black Hills.  There was a little prairie dog town on the homestead.  All the prairie dogs were white!

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