Monday, 21 May 2018

Habitat for Humanity

The principal of Z and Eden's school started a non-profit called Project Warm-up.  Volunteers make hundreds of fleece blankets each year and they're given to anyone who needs them.  In particular, they're given as house-warming presents whenever a family moves into a new home in Sioux Falls built by Habitat for Humanity.  The kids at school help out each year by making a lot of the blankets, and this year Principal Vik invited members of the Student Council to come with her to various home openings with Habitat for Humanity.  Z got the opportunity to go just last week, and he had a great time.  The family moving into the new house was Ethiopian, and they had prepared a bunch of Ethiopian food for all the volunteers.  Principal Vik sent me this picture of Z and told me he tried ALL the food and was the only one of the kids who did so.  He told me the food was delicious!  We're very proud of him!

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Yaya said...

Brave boy! A food adventurer - shades of Dad.