Friday, 24 May 2013

First Week of Summer Vacation

Fishing in the Big Sioux!

Z caught his first fish -- a nice big catfish.  He caught it by himself!

Hot, sweaty and dirty -- just the way summer should be!

We finally (for the first time!) made it to the Tulip Festival in Orange City.  The tulips unfortunately weren't in full bloom, yet, given the late winter, but it was still lots of fun, and a beautiful day!

Z, Eden and Puffy Pants (a gift from Philip and Krista) with the tulips.

Krista and me.

That night after Z was in bed, I overheard him through the baby monitor saying this:  "Puffy Pants, I love you.  I'll never leave you.  No matter how old I am, I'll keep you right here in this bed.  Even if I get a new bed, I'll keep you here.  I love you, Puffy Pants."  Then he started singing, "I love you, Puffy Pants.  I'll never leave you, Puffy Pants."

The zoo:

At home:


MOM said...

The kids are getting soooooo BIG! Is Eden's hair growing? I love her grimace for a smile....she's trying. I remember when Z did that.

Nathan said...

Z better not ever use those Puffy Pants lines on any girlfriend. That's covenant language, young man. Be careful.