Monday, 14 July 2014


Eden seems to have developed a fascination with princesses.  I'm not entirely sure where it's coming from, but maybe Frozen.  Anyway, she wanted to wear a certain set of shoes to church because they're "princess" shoes, and things like that.  Right now she and I are sitting at the table while she finishes supper, and we had this conversation:

Eden:  Mom, did you know princesses don't eat food?
Me:  They don't?  Why not?
Eden:  They are magical to food.
Me:  Magical to food?  What do you mean?
Eden: Well, princesses are not healthy or strong.  And they don't have any blood.

I don't know whether to be pleased or disturbed by her odd understanding of princesses.


MOM said...

Imagination is inexplicable! :)

Anne said...

Maybe she means a zombie princess. :)