Friday, 22 July 2011

Photo Shoot

Last week I decided to do a little photo shoot with Eden. Before she was born I bought her several very sweet little dresses, which she is now big enough to wear. Plus, she's very smiley these days. It seemed like the perfect opportunity to record on film my beautiful daughter and her cute little wardrobe.

Things didn't quite go as planned. In Eden's defense, it was very hot outside. (We were outside in an attempt to get some natural light.) Nonetheless, she was decidedly uncooperative.

First she refused to smile.

Then she stopped making eye contact.

Then she began gnawing on her fists. I don't know if she was trying to irritate her cameraman or was just feeling nervous.

And then it all went bad. The dress came up . . .

and the screaming started.

In the end she was just really ticked off.

Speaking of clothes we bought before she was born, here's the outfit Nathan purchased for her:

A close-up:

We both think this onesie is hilarious, but no one else does. They either don't get it or don't appreciate it . . . maybe both. All we've gotten so far are polite smiles and puzzled looks. I guess that's what happens when you're reformed and go to a pentacostal church.

Yeah, I can't get rid of this picture. Isn't that just like a crying baby?


Meriah said...

even crying your daughter is beautiful. i'm so excited for you to finally have a girl in the house with you :0)

MOM said...

I love this set of pictures. It is even better than all smiles, although smiles are good. I have always maintained that pictures really just show the way we were. I've especially thought this true about school pictures which seem to be notoriously bad. The changes in wardrobe make Eden's disintegration even funnier. Poor Eden. That last sentence sounds so heartless. Really, Eden, I love you and am very sad over your suffering. ummm...better stop before it gets worse. Love you all.

Anne said...

You can assure Nathan that we think the onesie is funny! LOL!

Love these pics and the commentary. :)

Eden said...

Aw, I don't think I'd seen pictures of Eden yet - or I don't remember at least. SUCH cute dresses. And a wonderful girl!!