Friday, 2 December 2016

Joy to the World (including you suckers)

Last month Nathan led worship at our church and, before leading "Joy to the World," explained how Isaac Watts wrote the song as a political proclamation of Christ's kingship over the world, not as a Christmas song per se.

Clearly some people were listening.  A friend texted us this today:
Last Sunday at family dinner my mom asked the kids if we sang any Christmas songs as church, adding that she had sang "Joy to the World" at her church.  In near unison my kids [ages 4 and 6] said, "That isn't really a Christmas song."  My mom looked at them in confusion and my son said in complete confidence, "Listen to the words, Grandma.  Not a real Christmas song."

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MOM said...

Good for Nathan!

"had sang" ? :)