Saturday, 25 January 2014

Christmas In Kansas

After celebrating Christmas in South Dakota with Amah, we headed down to Kansas for a nice long break -- almost two weeks!  We had a great time!

That is one ridiculously big stocking!

What is in there?


Nathan checks on his stocking.

Z plays with his metallic goo.

Phin destroys her stuffed dog.  (Is that some sort of cannibalism?)

Yay!  A monkey mitt!


Eden got a play-do sweet shop.  Nathan is gamely trying out the various delicacies.

Hungry, hungry hippos.

Still hungry.

Z and Yaya check out the remote controlled car.

Eden discovers her egg.

Eden watches her egg with bated breath.  This is how she spent much of Christmas day.

The hallowed tradition of making the cinnamon rolls.

Caleb at the evening family gathering.


Many, many cousins and presents!

Eden's present from Yaya and Papu was so big it had to be hidden in another room.

Pure excitement!

Total mayhem.

Ann opening a present.

Faith, Phin and Uncle Abie.

Mom gave Dad a new wedding ring, since his has been lost in the Mediterranean for over 40 years!
Little cuties.

Big cutie.

Phin snuggling with Yaya's super nice Christmas blanket.  I don't think Yaya allowed this again.

It must be getting late.

More posts to follow on the Hitchcock version of chopped and the Stegall family poetry slam!

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MOM said...

It was a sweet sweet time we had together. Thanks for coming and spending so much time with us. That was the best Christmas present of all!