Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Summer Vacation

This has been a cold winter so far.  The day after we got back from Christmas vacation the temperature was somewhere around -20 and the windchill that morning was -39.  Brrr!  Since then it's been a lot of below zero temperatures and really below zero wind chills!

But, in the midst of that, we have been planning our summer vacations.  In July we are meeting up with Micah, Christie and kids for a Black Hills vacation.  Yay!  We are super excited!  Everyone wants to see Mt. Rushmore, build dams in the stream right outside our cabin, and hike in the Black Hills.  I was also thinking we should check out this mammoth dig in Hot Springs.  The Washington Pavilion had a mammoth exhibit and cinedome film on mammoths last summer, and our kids have been loving mammoths ever since.  What do you think, Micah and Christie?

In addition to this, Nathan and I are taking a week long vacation to St. John, one of the U.S. Virgin Islands in the Caribbean.  We honeymooned there eleven years ago, and then went back three years after that, which means our last trip there was almost eight years ago!  It was pre-children.  We are now post-children -- no, that's not right -- we are now with-children, so they will be spending a wonderful vacation week with wonderful Yaya and Papu!  Nathan and I bought out tickets a few days ago, so I've had a hard time not constantly day-dreaming about white sand beaches and 85 degree temperatures.  It's hard to resist when this is what it was like eight years ago:

We just look so warm!


MOM said...

So warm....

Anne said...

Warm? What's that? We don't have your extreme temps but we are cold enough! St. John's sounds really good right now!