Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Prehistoric Beasts

Tonight we watched a show on saber tooth cats produced by the BBC.  The show used computer generated graphics to imagine 3 months in the life of a saber tooth cat.

After it was over, Z spent the next hour pretending to "spray" all our furniture and suddenly attacking Nathan, yelling, "Defend your territory!"  Eden, on the other hand, spent the hour fighting me for control of the "babies" (all her stuffed animals).  In the midst of this she randomly repeated, "Terror birds eat meat!"


MOM said...

Children's imaginations are so wonderful. So glad you are documenting all this. You will enjoy it so much in years to come.

The Hitchcocks said...
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The Hitchcocks said...

Nathan says: It was one of those beautiful family moments every father is thankful for. That night I went to tuck in the kids, said prayers with them, and marked their beds.