Thursday, 22 September 2016

Best Reason to Use a Self-driving Car

Recorded 9/22/16 on the walk to school.

Z: I can't wait to drive.

N: You know, it's not too far off, like, five years.

Z: Really?  I thought you had to be sixteen.

N: No, fourteen in South Dakota, so long as there's an adult in the passenger seat.

Z [grinning]: YES.

N: Of course, some people say that most of your generation won't even need to learn to drive because of the self-driving cars that are coming out.

Z: I don't want one of those self-driving ones... [pause].  Actually, if there's a machine gun in back I do, but otherwise I want to drive myself.
Blowing up stuff.  It's what we do well.

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