Thursday, 1 September 2016

One More Summer Activity

The kids start school on Tuesday, so we decided to take one last trip to De Smet before the summer ended.  Most schools have already started, so I thought it would be a slow day there, and I was right.  We had a great time doing all the normal stuff.

Eden was thrilled to be allowed to drive the horses of both the big wagon and the little buggy all by herself.  She noticed that when Z drove the little buggy the guy didn't hold onto the reins behind him (as they usually do), so Z was actually driving the horse by himself.  When Z got back, Eden asked if she could do the same and he said yes.  So he just walked beside the buggy but Eden did all the driving.  When they got back he said to me, "She's a sharp one."  I said, "Yes, well, we think so, but we're biased."  He said, "I see the whole spectrum here, and she's a sharp one!"

This was the first time we took a look at this old church which was moved onto the homestead property a few years ago.

Z found an old hymnal and is "singing" one of the hymns while Eden accompanies him:

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Yaya said...

They should have services in that beautiful little church.