Saturday, 27 August 2016

Invest 99-L

Invest 99-L is a tropical disturbance that has been making its way across the Caribbean and towards Florida and the Gulf of Mexico for the last few days.  Everyone from NOAA to the Weather Channel was predicting tons of rain, strong winds, and the potential for it to turn into a tropical storm or even hurricane while it was over the Virgin Islands.  So on Tuesday evening we resigned ourselves to the last few days of our vacation being very rainy, indoor days.

However . . . nothing of the sort happened.  Every morning we woke up to blue skies with scattered clouds (sometimes white and puffy, sometimes gray and gloomy), and each morning we decided we might as well go do something as long as the weather holds.  So we did something Wednesday and Thursday and Friday and today!  Fantastic weather all around.  (Ok, we did get rained on on both Wednesday and Thursday for about 10 minutes, but swimming in the rain is actually pretty fun.)

So on Wednesday, because we thought the weather could turn bad at any moment, we stayed close to home and went to Hanson Bay.  We found a fun ball to play with (it bounces on the water!) and I finally had a close encounter with a sea turtle.  Yay!  Nathan was snorkeling and saw one.  He called me out, but by the time I got there it was gone.  So disappointing.  However, I decided to just swim around a bit and see what I could see, and after about 10 minutes, I spotted one on the bottom, munching on some sea grass.  He was big!  His shell was probably 2 feet across, and there were a couple of fish (remora maybe? This guess is based on extensive knowledge gleaned from Wild Kratts.) swimming underneath the turtle.  I called Z over, who was out snorkeling, too, and we both watched him for a few minutes.  The water was fairly deep, so he was probably 20-30 feet below us.  Just as we were about to swim away, he decided to swim away, too.  He worked his flippers and just seemed to fly through the water -- so graceful.  Z and I immediately followed and both of us got within a foot of touching his shell.  He was absolutely gorgeous, both in his looks and his movement.  We followed him for a couple of minutes, then he pooped in our faces and got away.

Hanson Bay

You can't see it, but there's actually a pelican sitting in the tree just about Eden.

This is how both children are spending their days.

Face down in the water.
Getting on her mask
Remember the girl from the old Coppertone ads?  So adorable.

On Thursday we went back to Brown Bay.  We had to go at least one more time!  At the beginning of the hike we saw a beautiful family of deer.

And once we made to Brown Bay we did our usual things -- collect crabs and conchs, snorkel, lie in the pristine water and pretend the the rest of the world doesn't exist.  Good times.

Nathan also discovered some ruins, so we explored those a bit.  The area was very jungle-y, which wasn't really my thing, but Nathan and the kids enjoyed it.

And of course, we had to have fun with the hermit crabs!

The best thing about the weather reports is that we were TOTALLY alone both days and had these gorgeous beaches entirely to ourselves.

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