Wednesday, 24 August 2016

This and That

Our time is getting short here on St. John.  We've been spending the last week exploring beaches, snorkeling, and swimming.

A few days ago we went to Trunk Bay, which is beautiful, but a little more crowded than we like.

I know it doesn't look crowded in this picture, but it was actually crowded (for St. John).
We've seen some iguanas:

And went for a hike on the east end.  There were gorgeous views but a very precarious trail (if you could even call it that).  We ended up at a small little bay that seems to have at one time been a construction site (although nothing was built as far as we could tell).  The place was full of trash, which the children were delighted with, and coconuts, which they tried desperately (and futilely) to open.  It was like watching Castaway starring my children instead of Tom Hanks.

Yesterday we went to Waterlemon Bay, which has a cay in it (a very small island just off shore, usually with good snorkeling).  You have to hike to Waterlemon Bay, but it's a beautiful, flat hike which follows the water line.  Waterlemon Bay is a rocky beach, but the snorkeling was gorgeous!  Z and Nathan went out to the Cay and saw lots of great fish and color.  Eden and I stayed closer to shore, but still saw so many different fish of all sorts of colors and sizes and shapes.  It was amazing! 

Walking the trail to Waterlemon Bay

The view alongside the trail.  Breathtaking!

Panoramic of the view from the trail, with Z on the left and Nathan on the right.

That's the Cay.

These little red bugs were everywhere.  Eden spotted this pile up.
The hike home.
I can't resist these end-of-the-day pictures.

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