Sunday, 28 August 2016


Yesterday we went to Maho Beach.  Nathan and I have been there once, but we didn't like it much.  It had a very shallow beach and seemed kind of rocky.  However, on Friday at the library Eden and I spent a few minutes talking to a local guy who was at the library with his two little daughters.  When I asked them what their favorite beach was, they both immediately said, "Maho!"  Their dad affirmed that it is a great beach, so we decided to try it.

Turns out they were totally right.  We went first thing in the morning.  There weren't many people there when we arrived, and, best of all, the tide was out!  This left a beautiful white sand beach to play on.  Maho is a north shore beach, so it has the typical beautiful water, but it's a deeper bay than the others, so it's not as windy and has hardly any waves.  We ended up having a great time, especially with a particularly bold seagull!

The seagull did eventually eat from Z's hand as well.

And today, after church, we went to our last beach of the vacation.  So sad!  At Eden's request we went to Cinnamon Bay and it turned out to be a fantastic choice.  The Cinnamon Bay campground seems to be closed for the season as of today, so the place was absolutely deserted.  We had lots of fun swimming and jumping around; we even had a contest to see who could stand on Daddy's shoulders the longest.  Even Mama played -- it was quite the scene.  We also went snorkeling a the very end of the beach, which has some good rocks and coral.  We saw a wonderful variety of fish, including a big old puffer fish!

It's been a great vacation, but I think all of us are ready to head home tomorrow.  Sioux Falls, here we come!

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