Monday, 8 August 2016

More Beaches

Today we went to Francis Bay.  It's the farthest east of what are typically called the North Shore Beaches.  Nathan and I have never been there, so it was a first experience for all of us.  As soon as we got there Nathan took both kids off to snorkel, and I just hung out in the water.  I saw another big sting ray, and as Nathan and the kids were coming back towards me, I spotted a turtle sticking its head out of the water right in between us.  I yelled and pointed it out, and they headed towards it and managed to spot it under the water.  I swam out to them and Z gave me his mask and snorkel, so I got a good look at it too.  It was a beauty -- about 2 feet along the length of its shell, just eating sea grass at the bottom of the Caribbean.  That's also a first for all of us -- seeing a sea turtle.

After the snorkeling Eden had fun drawing in the sand, and then we went back to the house, had supper, and went down to a local restaurant for dessert and a little Olympics.  Then back home and to bed.

Eden very proud of her writing in the sand.  It says, "I heart U Mom"  She's such a sweetie!

Conked out after a big day.

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